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Sending Art via E-mail–

To eliminate any problems when sending e-mail with attachments, follow these four simple steps:

Make sure Banner can open the file you plan on sending. Call before sending and ask us if we have the software necessary to open your file.

Some examples of file formats we can accept



Adobe Creative
Suite 2 Premium:

Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat, InDesign, Cue.

Freehand up to ver. 9.0
Quark Xpress up to ver. 6.0
Corel Draw up to ver. 8

Microsoft Office:
Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint.



Please include everything we would need to open/printout the file your sending.

(If you can not include them, you must outline them)

Placed images
(Please do not embed the images in your Adobe Illustrator files.)

Compress the file you plan on sending using one of the following programs.

Use "Stuff-It" for Macintosh files.
Use "WinZip" for Windows files.

• Its not a matter of file size, rather a matter of file integrity. If compression is unused, the file runs the risk of corruption or being converted into an unusable file which would result in your having to resend the file.

• Do not use your E-mail software to compress your files.
When composing your e-mail file send it to your Banner sales representative or to: sales@bannermp.com.

Please provide information about the documents you are sending.
• Your name.
• Your Company name and phone number.
• Any information about the job the art being sent belongs to.
• Clients' name of the art being sent (or the clients' name on the attached file).
• The name of the software used to create the files .
FTP (File Transfer Protocol) –
If you do have an email size limitation, the next preferred transfer method is via FTP site.  Banner will setup a username and password.  This along with the hostname, ftp.bannermp.com, will gain access to your own personal folder.
Software suggested is Fetch (Mac) or WS_FTP (PC).  You may retrieve downloads for this software by going to one of the links.  Fetch:  http://www.fetchsoftworks.com/  15 day trial which can then be purchased for Macintosh environment via internet for $25 per single license.
WS_FTP:  http://www.ipswitch.com/Products/WS_FTP/  30 day trial which can then be purchased for PC environment via internet for $39.95 per single license.

NOTE:  The above software suggestions are suggestions only.  If you already have FTP software, this will work also.
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