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Printing Plates
Banner has the printing plate you want, from Sheet Photopolymer, Liquid Photopolymer to Rubber Plates.
Banner is one of the last of the large plate makers that offers the option of Photopolymer or Rubber Plates.
We make all of our printing plates on location. That makes for quick turn around times, and less cost to our customers.

Sheet Photopolymer
Banner’s new 52” x 80” sheet photopolymer system is great for high end four color process work. Dupont and Flex Light holds the finest reverses and isolated dots with a single short exposure. We have various sizes of sheet photopolymer in Dupont Cyrel and Flex Light in stock.

Liquid Photopolymer
Banner’s 52” x 80” MacDermid Liquid Photopolymer System is one of the largest available. This allows us to make one-piece dies for large displays and cartons. It uses MacDermid TF resin which is able to hold details never before possible, and connected to one of our manifolds we always get even and tack-free plates.

Like the tough, long lasting characteristics of Rubber plates? Banner can make Rubber plates for you on our 500 Ton moulding press up to 33” x 45”. Rubber is an extremely durable material for printing plates, allowing plates to last longer on press and take mishandling without as much damage.

Banner has 5 Opti-Check mounting machines with all the common cylinder sizes, ranging from 35" to 66" circumference. Width ranges from 100" - 115". Our newest Opti-Check has computer calibration, which can accurately calculate die stretch for mounting on cylinders ranging from 24" to 87" circumference.

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